Phony Lonely Cacophany
Voltaire Twins - 2013-02-01, Workers Club, Fitzroy, VIC

I am absolutely convinced that Voltaire Twins are one of the most exciting up-and-coming Aussie bands. This was the second time we’ve seen them, after their excellent performance at the Grace Darling in September 2012. Can’t wait for them to finally put out an album; the Apollo EP was one of my top three releases for 2012, and their other two EPs are pretty good too.

Brief review: When mediocrities like Chet Faker and Tame Impala have hordes of ravenous fans, I just don’t understand how Voltaire Twins aren’t already playing their infectious electropop to large adoring crowds. They began this set in front of a chatty, faintly interested audience, but upbeat set opener “Solaris” roped the crowd in. By the halfway mark there were a fair few people dancing up the front with us and Voltaire Twins got the good reception they bloody well deserve. The drums were positioned up the front of the stage on the same side as us, so that gave the set a more prominent percussive aspect, and in some songs the drummer was really going for it. My favourite Voltaires song, “Silhouettes”, one of their more subdued numbers, came at just the right time for a mid-set breather and it was my highlight of the night alongside the closing duo of “Animalia” and “The Kate Bush”. The choruses of “Silhouettes” sounded really great and this performance, with the percussive emphasis, was more driving and propulsive than the studio version.

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